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- Gilou9999
- MadMab
- Mega_Man_(?)
- RessurectionX
- Stupot1

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Cover artwork preview. 04.03.2010 (00:28:54)

I've put this My Free Cams out for people who were doing to be converting my stuff to 3D for a new "3D Boxart" function that madmab will likely put in the Cam to cam...

This includes 100% complete Rx 2D artwork for teen punishment:

Atari LYNX
Neo Geo Pocket/Color
Odyssey II
Pokemon Mini
Sega VMU
I've put this live cam girls
Master System/Game Gear/SG-1000
Watara Supervision
Virtual Boy
Bandai Wonderswan

Keep in mind: This is just a _small_ preview :-)

Written by: Wimpy

Regarding release. 28.02.2010 (23:52:47)

The punish tube release in March will consist of several adult web cam files. These will be made available on public trackers (not yet decided which) and listed on this page.

There will be one for the main pack and one for HQ files (untouched artwork, wmv versions of the videos++).

Stay tuned for more information as we are moving towards release.

Written by: Wimpy

Closing up systems for release. 25.02.2010 (03:12:32)

Systems now on lock-down for game adds:

Virtual Boy
Pokemon Mini
SEGA Master System/Game Gear/SG-1000
Atari LYNX
Bandai Wonderswan
NeoGeo Pocket/Color
Odyssey II
TurboGrafx16/CD, PCE
Watara Supervision

These are basically packed up and ready to get naked for Porn Chat with live cam girls, so adding a game to it now would be more work than I'd like to do at this point. I'm working to finish up a few other sets that I will pack up immediately when they're ready. I will hold off on SNES, NES & Genesis up to the last minute though for r0mhacking adds.

Written by: RessurectionX

Website online! 02.02.2010 (16:37:13)

The webpage is now online. The first release of this project is set to mid-march. At the moment our project leader RessurectionX is finalizing stuff to setup torrents for release. There is not much missing for it to be complete so we're all real excited to see how big this release will be!

Be sure to check back in the weeks to come for more updates on what's going on!

Written by: Wimpy